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Studies have proven that most of the infections starts spreading through infected hands. Many of the viral & bacterial infections start from dirty and infected hands leading to Cough, irritation, itching, common cold and other infections like corona virus. Its important for you to clean your hands and remain healthy.

The best way to stay healthy is to sanitize your hands. MYL Hand Sanitizer Advanced is the best defence against germs anytime & anywhere. Enriched with Vitamin E and aloevera, MYL hand sanitizer advanced leaves your skin soft and moisturised. It is effective in eliminating more than 99.9% germs, viurs and bacteria. Comes in pleasant pomegranate fragrance, Keep your hands smelling fresh.

We suggest you, your family and kids to use MYL Hand Santizer regularly 4-5 times a day. Stay away from Germs, Stay Healthy.