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These revolutionary MYL sanitary pads have 8 layers for ultra- absorption that means you stay drier and fresh all day long.

A unique Anion strip that reduces irritation, infection and odour gives you peace of mind right through your period -even on the heaviest days.


More Than an Ordinary Pad!

1. Additional protection on both sides,which prevents side leakage.

2. Large surface of organic cotton,for an instant-dry feeling and pleasant tactile sensation.

3. Anion emission band that neutrilizes odors and maintains comfort levels

4. Sterlized recyclable paper, which guides menstrual fluid towards the super absorbent polymer enter.

5. Biodegradable polymer gel which ensures effective fluid absorption, allowing the parts to tay dry all the time.

6. Sterlized recyclable paper layer for extra protection.

7. Base material that allow air to circulate, eliminating moisture and hear.