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Rs 349.00

Day in and day out your car is moving through dusty streets and muddy roads. All this makes the car appear dull. That is why we need “XTREME CAR WASH & WAX SHAMPOO”. It works without effecting the paint surface and wax. If the dirt is too tough, just pour some undiluted shampoo on it and try washing your car under the shadow.

XTREME CAR WASH & WAX SHAMPOO saves your time and gives your vehicle a clean, wet, just waxed shine. XTREME car wash comes with biodegradable formula so run-off won’t harm the environment. It removes dirt and grime without scratching the vehicle paint.



• After cleaning the car with this shampoo the car glows life fresh.

• The waste of this shampoo is eco-friendly.

• With wax protection power, it keeps your car damage free.

• If your car has bold colour, then apply this car washing.

• The manufacture did not use any artificial color or additional supplements.

• It also cleans the dirt and grime comes from the suspension.

• Balanced ph helps to maintains car glossiness properly.

• It is used for every vehicle including motorcycle.

• Sunlight cannot apply any impact on it.

• It does not leave any watermark or spots on vehicle.

How to use:


• Add 10ml car wash shampoo to 1 litre of water in a clean bucket/foam gun.

• Rinse loose dust of car starting from top.

• Wet the surface with water and apply the shampoo solution. If the dirt is too tough, just pour some undiluted shampoo on it. Scrub and wash using appropriate brushes and sponge if required.

• Rinse thoroughly and dry using clean, soft Microfiber cloth.

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